Graviton celebrates rhea's birthday party
by mark francis tan

The class of Graviton celebrates their dearest Rhea’s birthday with a surprising bash of cupcakes and drinks held at the Graviton classroom last October 13, 2014.

Cheers and glee filled the air as Rhea steps in the room to see her classmates greet her a happy and joyful birthday. An event she did not expect the entire day as people did not show any sign of acknowledging her birthday, thus setting up the perfect surprise party that was done that afternoon.

Her unexpected birthday party was planned merely hours before the celebration after most of the people were puzzled on whether Rhea’s birthday was due that day, or the day after. Once the issue was cleared, the people immediately set out to prepare the surprise celebration.

The merriment went on with tasty cupcakes and drinks as people talked and celebrated Rhea’s birthday. Shots and photos were then taken that afternoon, preserving those moments of laughter and smiles.