By Naditha Marie Manubag

As part of PSHS-CVisC’s 9th founding anniversary, the search for the Mr. and Ms. Pisay is on once again. Eight males and eight females will be competing to prove themselves worthy to be crowned as Mr. and Ms. Pisay 2014. Each house (Lakan, Vivace, Behemoth, Manggad) is to be represented by 5 males and 5 females for the screening to be made by the CVicC’s pageant committee. From this number, only 2 males and 2 females from each house will qualify for the next round, which is to compete on the big night. Among the 16 candidates chosen for the big night, 4 from IV – Graviton. Jhonna Mae Navarro and Armand Sebastian Benabaye from Casa di Vivace, Marie Stella Cabonilas from Temple of Manggad and Lee Amherstia Curias of Balay ni Lakan. These gravi hotties posed their way on the big stage, and showed their unique beauties and talents. After the mini-competitions, the scores from the judges were gathered and averaged to find out the best three males and best three females who will be closer towards bagging the crowns. Curias fortunately made it to the top 3and faced the challenge of the Q & A round. With an amazing answer, she won as the 2nd Runner-Up and proudly received her sash and points received for her house. Ms. Navarro, Ms. Cabonilas and Ms. Benabaye were also happy with the event and really made their houses proud.

The success of the event just proved that Pisay scholars are not just brainy, but also carries themselves with elegance and beauty. Graviton is so proud of their 4 hotties and hoping to pursue their career in modelling and pageants in the future.