by Lee Amherstia Curias

I remember the first time we met.

The books I love surrounded us.

Her features are soft and elegant.

I knew she was the girl I want.

We met the second time

Inside a bustling cafe.

I froze and held her wrist

And begged for her to stay.

Her confused gaze lingered on mine

And I retracted my intruding fingers.

She frowned, shaking her head and said,

"I can't, I must go," in a whisper.

That was the last time I saw her.

I didn't even get to know her name.

Now I'm still a single dude,

Whose pick up lines are lame.

I couldn't contain my loneliness

So I went to a nearby bar

And let myself get wasted.

I know I've gone too far.

Sweet smelling perfume invaded my nostrils,

With a hazy vision, I looked to my side.

And there stood my angel.

My heart swelled with happiness and pride.

She didn't seem to recognize me,

But I noticed her lustful stare.

I pulled her close and mumbled,

"Stay the night and don't leave, don't you dare."

Through drunken state and stupor,

I pulled her flushed body against mine.

I buried my nose in her brown mop of hair,

And thought that it was about time.

Lips trailed on skinny collarbones,

Frail fingers clutching on skin,

The night was filled with breathy gasps,

And this was where the end would begin.

I breathed against pink lips,

"I've always waited for this,

For you to come and notice me,

And give me temporary bliss."

"I've always wanted to know you more

For your eyes seemed tired and weary.

Like you want all of your pain to end,

It was insane, it was scary."

Her hand cupped my cheek,

and it was rougher than I expected.

She heaved a sigh and smiled.

And I saw was love, red.

I held her close for the rest of the night,

And was determined to never let her go.

But when the sun went up the horizon,

The space beside me was cold.

A lone paper sat on the bedside table,

With words scribbled clumsily.

And there I found out

That we were never meant to be.

'I appreciate your affection,

But unfortunately I can't reciprocate.

I have always wanted to find love

But it's now all to late.

'I'm a prositute since I was fourteen.

I love books as much as I love coffee.

I know that once you read this,

You'll never date a girl as impure as me.'