Missing student of PSHS-CVisC reportedly sighted
by Allyssa Albores

Dan Christopher Limbaroc, a 15-year-old fourth-year student at Philippine Science High School – Central Visayas Campus who has been missing since November 10, has allegedly been seen twice since his disappearance.

According to the source, Ms. Rhea Mae Dañal saw and described a man matching Limbaroc’s description in the canteen of their school on Nov. 11. The man who is said to be Limbaroc was having brunch by himself. He ordered three cups of rice and spiced pork. The source concluded that he has not eaten for hours.

Another source, Mr. Christian Loer Llemit also reportedly heard a man matching Limbaroc’s voice and tone on Nov. 12 at Graviton’s classroom. According to Mr. Llemit, the man was having a conversation with himself. He was shouting physics formulas and sounded so frustrated. Mr. Llemit checked who he was and saw the face of Limbaroc. He called the other students informing that Limbaroc is back but then he vanished.

At a conference on Nov. 13 at the School Gymnasium, Mr. Timothy River Paler, Limbaroc’s best friend, made his first public appearance since his friend’s disappearance. Paler said Limbaroc sent a video of himself saying just the word “bye” for 30 seconds through Facebook a night before he went missing. He also called him around the same time to tell him not to worry because he will be back but Mr. Paler was clueless what he was saying.

“Hi Timothy! Please do not worry, remember next week Monday” Limbaroc said..

After Limbaroc had not went back in the boys dormitory for a night, fellow students started to suspect that something has happened to him. With Asok’s help, Limbaroc’s other friends has photos of possible sightings and believes that he is alive and safe

Limbaroc’s fellow students and friends thinks that he will be back on the day he turns sixteen, next week Monday. They believe that Limbaroc can’t accept that fact that he will turn sixteen already so he want to spend his last days being fifteen alone and feel important.

Another friend said that Limbaroc maybe currently hiding in the forest located near the school. He is known to spend most of his time at the forest during vacant times. But the forest is too scary for the students to check. They decided not to call the police yet because they believe this is just a foul play of Limbaroc.

Julie Requiso, a close friend and PSHS-CVisC student who spoke at the conference, described Limbaroc as witty, athletic and handsome. He said Limbaroc was very motivated and said she spoke to Limbaroc three days before his disappearance about plans for the weekend


Limbaroc is about 6 feet tall and 89 pounds with black hair and beautiful brown eyes. According to sources, he was last seen wearing the school uniform without an identification card. He has a distinct 2.5 cm scar on his forehead. Those students with any information are asked to contact Mr. Tim Paler through his number, 0915 213 2313.